General Dermatology Services

We are proud to offer a range of services for all age groups, including general and pediatric dermatology and treatment for skin cancer.

Adult Dermatology

Our office provides a full range of dermatology services, including the diagnosis, treatment and management of many skin, hair and nail conditions. Click below to learn more about the services we offer for adult dermatology conditions.

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Skin Cancer

At Pennsylvania Dermatology Group we treat a large number of skin cancers. We offer state of the art care including Mohs surgery when indicated. Click below for more information about skin cancer services.

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Pediatric Dermatology

At Pennsylvania Dermatology Group, we work with children of all age groups, from infants to adolescents. Our physicians have extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of common and uncommon skin conditions. Click below to learn more.

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Although many skin diseases can be recognized by their clinical appearance, sometimes a skin biopsy is taken to provide more information. Click below to learn more about dermatopathology.

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